Firewood Sales and Delivery for your Home and Business

At Leñas Frau we are dedicated to bringing warmth to homes and business in the Marina Alta and Safor district in Alicante/Valencia, in the form of warm, burning firewood. We have over 20 years of experience. Our origins lie in Pego, Alicante, where you can find our headquarters and cutting and storage plot with advanced tools for proper handling, processing and storage of our firewood and timber. We also have another point of distribution and storage on the road from Vergel to Pego.

Firewood Delivery Service.

Our home delivery service of firewood, ranges from Calpe to Gandia, bringing you a mixture of ideal combustion wood to heat your home and power your furnace and fireplace optimally and with the guarantee of personal attention and care that only a company like ours can give.

Trust us to heat your home and business

Firewood Sales and Delivery.

  • Delivery trucks measured by cubic meters
  • Mix of different types of wood
  • Wood logs of up to 40 cm long for easy storage.
  • Delivery included in a radius of 40 km from Pego
  • We deliver directly to your home or business all year, not only in the months of peak demand
  • High power heating at low cost. Attractive alternative to keep your home warm.
  • Completely biodegradable even after burning
  • Available in different sizes for ease of use in firewood stoves, fireplaces and cassettes.
  • Drying process of at least 8 months. We try to keep the wood dry all year.
  • We have larger firewood available on demand. Ask us!

Nature’s most ecologic fuel

 Oak and Holm Firewood

They are two very similar types of wood, capable of generating heat for a long time before its combustion, making it ideal for long and comfortable rainy afternoons

 Pine Firewood

It is a perfect wood to start a fire as it burns quickly, but has a low heat durability.

 Olive, Orange and Almond Wood

With an average life span, it is an ideal wood for stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, barbecues and heaters in homes, bakeries and restaurants.

A warm home is irreplaceable

  1. The best time to buy wood is just after the summer, in September or October, due to the significant increase in summer temperature. However, we make a great effort to keep our wood dry and we have delivery service available throughout the whole year.
  2. To get the best out of your order, don’t forget to inform us of the use and place where the firewood will be stored.
  3. It’s best to store the wood in a dry place, if not possible and the wood must be stored outside, cover it with plastic because moisture is not good for combustion.
  4. The best wood for a home is the holm or oak, but the best warmth/price ratio will be obtained from a mixture of olive and orange.

The Best Quality and Personalized Service


The price of orange, olive or mixed firewood is 75€/m3, oak has a price of 100€/m3, olive tree pruning is 85€/m3.

2.5 m3 container

Orange, olive or mixed


Olive tree pruning

5 m3 container

Orange, olive or mixed


Olive tree pruning

6 m3 container

Orange, olive or mixed


Olive tree pruning

7 m3 container

Orange, olive or mixed


Olive tree pruning

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